Your post about Yrra Cynril reminded me all over again about what they did to Amanda Waller of the Suicide Squad. Above you can see an earlier picture of her from the comics… and the lady they cast to play her in the Green Lantern movie (and consequently possibly other DC movies hereafter). The movie version didn’t bother me so much at first, but then DC rebooted everything. If you’re not a comics fan, laymans terms is they erased all the history built up by issues and issues of stories and renewed and revamped all the characters. This included interesting changes like alterations to origin stories, Superman getting space armour to replace his old latex cliche, and a lot of lady characters getting… dressed up. You’ve featured images of Starfire post-reboot before. Comic women have to be “slutty-looking”, it’s the law.

Amanda Waller was cool because she was a strong black woman who didn’t take shit. She was big like in the picture above and of all things they decided to scrap that and give her “sex appeal”.

Anywho, here’s one of the first images you get to see of her in the Suicide Squad series post-reboot.

Big, black, beautiful, confident, powerful woman? PFFT. DC forgot they were catering to a bunch of adolescent white males for a second there. Add some clevage, make-up, and remove twenty dress sizes. And, of course, lighten up her skin because, hey, there’s black and then there’s too black, amirite?

Completely meaningless and stupid change. Forget bleach, they must have treated her in a vat of acid.

Comics don’t tend to have a universal consensus between all artists on colour, but this is the whitest she’s ever been. 

R.I.P. Amanda we knew ye well.

CC: Perfect commentary is perfect, submitting this so we can mourn Amanda in peace.

I got nothing against Angela Bassett, because the woman could pull off The Wall with no problem acting wise, but CCH Pounder should have been the live action role considering she WAS the voice actor for Waller for the animated show.

And the fact that a badass fat black woman like the Wall lasted for so long? And now they took that away??? I can’t…..

All of this. I would’ve loved to see CCH Pounder in a Suicide Squad movie, but it looks like they decided to base the redesign off of Angela Bassett, so I’m sure she’ll be brought back if the movie ever gets off the ground (I haven’t heard mention of it since, like, 2010).


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