Winter’s witching hour. 

While most are working their way through a box of tissues at the official closure of the summer months, I can finally begin my witching hour. The summer makes it near impossible to strut around in head-to-toe black, lathered in grape lipstick, and eyes dripping in kohl liner, so us Witches of Eastwick (that is, Hackney Wick) adapt a diluted version of the SS trends, with a hint of sarcasm- yay pastels are awesome! 

But Hurah!- September has begun, and favourites like Wednesday Addams, Abbey Lee, and Lara Stone get us warmed up and juicy for the black months ahead. Think crucifixes, sheer black, plum lipstick, matted plaits, mermaid maxi skirts, and stiff white collars. And while the mainstream are swimming in a sea of studs and spikes- a pathetic attempt to be vampy and sexy- keep it long and hidden under layers of sheer blacks and deep greens, look to lace and velvet for alternatives, and stack the jewels in between. 

What’s the fun in sunlight and florals anyway?   

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