The Snowtown Murders – The residents of the small South Australian town of Snowtown never suspected that in the old bank just across the road from the pub was a terrible secret – six barrels full of human remains. There were 10 victims allegedly killed for little more than their pension money. Police who broke into the locked bank vault found putrid human remains, handcuffs and an electric-shock machine. The victims had either been strangled or asphyxiated. Several of them were found with gags stuffed in their mouths, others had ropes around their necks; feet and limbs had been amputated and there were burns on some of the bodies. The killings were carried out as part of a macabre social-security fraud. John Justin Bunting, Mark Ray Haydon, James Vlassakis and Robert Joe Wayner were charged with between four and ten of the murders. Bunting, Haydon and Wagner were also charged with the murder of Thomas Trevilyan, whose body was found hanging from a tree in Adelaide in 1997. In addition, Haydon and Bunting were also charged with the murder of Clinton Trezise, who was found in a shallow grave at Lower Light, north of Adelaide, in 1994.


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